What We Measure, We Impove…

The next step in my mission in making my online business a success is about to get a bit geeky and involves tracking devices. Now that sounds much more 007 than it actually is; my tracking device is actually the humble spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets are something I have never needed to use and would have no idea about how to go about making one, but fortunately, my mentor Dean has thought of everything and provided me with a ready made one. All I need to do it put my data. 

So why am I doing this? The internet can often be a bit of an anonymous zone;  things get put out there and you never really know if anyone actually sees it and if they do, who they are, plus it can be hard to tell whether it’s having any effect, let alone the desired effect.

So by putting my data into a spread sheet every day, that picture should start to become a bit clearer, and I can concentrate more on the areas that are working and tweak the areas that are not. Hence the title of this blog post. Everything is about moving forward and improving what I am doing, always aiming for that end goal of self sufficiency.

The spreadsheet needs me to put in 4 pieces of data;

  • Clicks
  • Leads.
  • Commissions 
  • Ad spend

..and then in the magic way that spreadsheets do their thing, it will let me know how much clicks and leads are costing me, conversions percentages  and what my overall profit and losses are.

I am not quite doing paid ads yet, and I suspect this will be a more valuable tool when I am, but that does not mean I won’t have data to put in.  I will still track the amount of people who are visiting my blog and the amazing offers I have; 

  1. My free report about the best ways for nurses to start an online business  (straight to your inbox)
  2. A free book detailing the methods that I am using for my online business (straight to your door, just cover mailing cost)

My paid ads are in the pipeline. If you watched my update video on my Facebook page, you will know that I have decided to pursue doing YouTube ads, rather than Facebook ads. So I am now learning about how they work before I start running them. I am very proud as a nurse to have been recruited to be part of the Covid 19 track and trace team and will be starting work with them anyday now which will help with the cost of the paid ads.

Thats it for today, keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page as I will posting update videos in there a  couple of times a week, they’re not long, and I am also working towards drumming up the courage to start doing them live, so do come and check them out.

Speak soon 🙂


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