The World Is Turning To The Internet!

The world is going crazy right now and life is tough for everyone. Key Workers all over the world, especially nurses are putting their lives on the line just to do their job and they really are the heroes in this situation.

Some countries like China, Spain and Italy are finally starting to see a slowing down of deaths and new cases, which is something to hold on to. Maybe we can tentatively start thinking about things ‘getting back to normal’.

But none of us really know how long this social distancing is actually going to last, some have said a month or 2, others have said at least 12 months!  We are in new territory here, so I guess no one really knows.

One thing we do know though, is that internet use has rocketed! A quick google search shows various reports that indicate anywhere between 30-70% increase in internet traffic since the start of the Coronavirus. For online businesses this is potentially a dream come true!

I say potentially, because it depends on what you are selling. A lot of ecommerce businesses are failing because they source their products from countries like China, and they have been unable to restock their supply, and other retailers like the Fashion Retail ‘Next’, here in the UK for example,  have halted their online services because of concerns for their staff with  the warehouse and delivery side of things. 

However if you’re in the digital online space, then these issues are not a problem. The products are available online so there is no need to ‘source’ them from another country or worry about your supply running out,  and the internet takes care of delivery.  An online digital business can be automated so you can set all these things  up to happen whilst you’re asleep, or watching Netfilx, or taking the kids to school, because they will go back to school!

So for the online digital businesses, this is a dream come true! And this has certainly been reflected in the mentoring group I am part of with students reporting lots of sales and just now some even shared they had made $2000 I the last 5 days.

So an online digital business really is worth thinking about right?

Times of hardship and stress can cause people to re-evaluate what they want out of life and I know nurses particularly have had a really tough time, especially those working on the front line. I have volunteered to go back  to the NHS and help and will likely be starting at the beginning of May. I am a mental health nurse, so it is unlikely that I am going to be working on the frontline, and even this is an incredibly scary thought.  I can only imagine what it is like for the nurses who have no choice and do not have adequate protection.  The term ‘burnout’ really takes on a whole new meaning now.

So nurses, when you are re-evaluating your life, your job, everything, once this is all over, or even before, do think about a digital business. You have already have the skills to do this as I wrote about in a previous blog post. If you want to find out a bit more about the benefits of having a digital online business then check out this blog post and check out the about me page to find out a bit more about what i’m doing and why.

With the attention of the world on the internet,  now really is a great time to consider getting started with a digital business…

If you want to jump straight in get started, then the best way is to get the book, my mentor has written; he’s spent the last 10 years growing his digital business into something quite special and he explains how he has done it, so you can follow the step by step instructions,  minus all the mistakes and detours he took! Find out more about that right here.

If you’re not sure, that’s fine too, keep up with my blog here and also my facebook page to see what I am doing watch my progress. You can also take a look at my free report; ‘the 5 most effective ways for nurses to start an onlie business’ It’ll get sent straigh to your inbox and will give you the pros and cons of each method as well as my number 1 recommendation. 

Get intouch, ask me anything, I will always get back to you!

Bye for now 

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