Nurses; Your Country Needs You….

Being a nurse or any kind of health professional is currently more important than ever,  the world needs help to deal with everything that is currently going on. The slightly dark and inappropriate sense of humor that nurses tend to have is also so important to keep hold of; laughter is good for the soul and everybody needs a bit of soul food right now.

It is also important to remember that times like these also have a massively positive aspect,  in that it allows the good side of human nature to shine through. I love reading about how communities are coming  together and helping each other out, whether it’s checking in on the vulnerable,  live streaming exercise classes or through the use of music, or sharing the odd toilet roll! It is really heartwarming to see people doing what they can.

The Coronavirus is certainly presenting everyone with challenges, heart break and difficult decisions, and the nursing and healthcare professionals that are on the front line, are doing an amazing job.  I know I am not alone when wanting to express my gratitude and appreciation for everything this profession is doing. I do not count myself in this as although I am still a nurse I am no longer frontline staff and not dealing with the harsh realities of the situation.  However, literally whilst writing this blog post I have been contacted and asked whether I would be willing  to return and help due to the lack of front line staff.  One thing that all nurses have in common is a desire to help others,  so I said yes, but I have to admit, it is a terrifying prospect and I do feel scared, but I am a nurse and it’s the right thing to do. As of yet I do not know how this will work or what it will involve.

The desire to help people, was the whole point of me starting my online business, I wanted to get myself in a position where I could help my  friends and family if they ever needed it and help other people to be able to do the same. I focus on nurses because I am one and I know that helping others is intrinsic to being a nurse. 

 I don’t think anyone could ever have predicted  what is currently going on with the Coronavirus, but the natural instinct is to help.  And of course when it comes to crisis situations like we are currently experiencing, ‘helping others’  takes on a whole new meaning;  it’s  no longer helping friends and loved ones have a better quality of life, it’s about saving lives. 

The Coronavirus has affected everyone and obviously some people  have been more affected than others, some people will lose their jobs or livelihoods; lack of income is a real and immediate issue. Nurses are generally guaranteed work and very much in demand when it comes to crisis situations, as I have experienced just today.  But even then, they have the same anxieties as everyone else; the ongoing need to look after children and loved ones, getting ill themselves and the stress and fear of being a nurse at times likes these.

I know we are in the midst of everything now, but we will get through it with the help of the amazing healthcare professionals and nurses, and this situation will pass and we will soon return back to normal.

Once we do, we will be thinking about and planning for the future. How can we be better prepared in case anything like this happens again? Even if it doesn’t (and hopefully it won’t), what can we do to ensure we are prepared for anything that life might throw at us? How can we protect and improve our own quality of life and those of our loved ones. If this has taught us anything, its that life is precious  and we really should be enjoying it and not just ‘getting by’  The need  improve  that work life balance still exists.

Nurses will always be nurses and will always have a desire and need to help others. This is why the internet business path is so perfect and why I started mine. It will allow me to help others, without having to rely on a job or an employer, and will give me opportunities that nursing never can. These opportunities are,  the time, the freedom and the resources to do what I want when I want.  I started it (before the Coronavirus was on anyone’s radar), as a way to help people like me, nurses and healthcare professionals,  have a better  work life balance. However the Coronavirus has shown me that, having my own online business can do so much more than that. To be able to earn a limitless amount of money from the comfort of your home without having to rely on an employer is priceless.  If money and work were not an issue, I would be able to help my community and people affected by this in much greater ways.  An internet business does not need to worry about closing down for the foreseeable future, or quarantine or self isolation. If anything the internet is going to be the saving grace for most of us who are on lock down.  Even in Coronavirus free times (if we can remember them), the internet and internet based business’ still provided that freedom to work on your business from just about anywhere and help whichever causes you choose.

Like many others, I am probably going to be spending a lot more time at home for the foreseeable future and I see this as a great opportunity to spend more time working at my internet business. This means I can still reach people and help people to help themselves and others.  This makes me feel very happy and very grateful.

 If you’re interested in getting yourself in this kind of situation too, whether it be now or once all this has blown over,  you can check out the about me page for more information, or get in touch, or find out how I started here.

For now stay safe and look after each other  xx

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