Nurses: The Benefits Of Having An Online Digital Business…

So, you’re thinking about leaving nursing….? In this blog post I am going to explain why an online digital business is the way forward,  how you can get started straight away and start earning money, without having to go back to school, or fully give up nursing if you’re not quite ready.  Read on to find out more…

The thought of leaving the healthcare profession is indeed a scary prospect; the security of that regular paycheck is actually quite a comfort! And if you’re anything like me you’ll be thinking about how awful it would be to have to start from scratch and go back to school and learn a whole new trade or skill. Believe me that was the LAST thing I wanted to do! 

We all know a job in health care or nursing can sap all your energy, and I did not have the energy or the inclination to spend three years scraping by, whilst I learnt something new, only to have then start at the bottom and work my way up. Ugh gross! Well don’t freak out there is a better way!

If you’re interetsted I have written a free report about the 5 most effective ways for nurses to  set up an online busines, it will be delivered straight into your inbox, to get your hands on it, just click here!

I tried various options before I found the right way, with the least amount of hassle involved. The first being Network Marketing. You may or may not have heard of this or even tried it, there were a lot of nurses using this model to try and escape the healthcare profession. Personally I did not take to it. It involved prospecting strangers on the street, which is not my cup of tea. After (what felt like) 10 thousand hours on the ward, the last thing I wanted to do was go and strike up a conversation with  complete strangers! It was also  labour intensive; having to organise stalls at markets and fairs, getting it all set up, moving all your stock to and from the fair. Stock, by the way, which  you had to buy and store at home somewhere.  For me the returns were never worth it, I was spending too much time and money and did not feel like I was making progress. I got to a certain point, I had not made any money and was in a certain amount of debt, and I realised this was not for me.  Time to move on.

I tried selling things on Amazon, this was more successful than the Network Marketing, in that I did eventually make some profit. However, as with Network Marketing, the time and effort and the money I spent far outweighed the profit I made. I had to try and speak to chinese suppliers (it was not cost effective to source products from anywhere else). The time difference and language barrier made this challenging.  I know with  nursing you can often feel like you’re in a different time zone to everyone else when your so exhausted and it’s not uncommon to have patients that speak a different language, so I should have been able to just take this  in my stride, but remember, I’m trying to find a better way! Plus I had to organise and pay for getting the products branded and shipped and through customs, which took ages and was very expensive, then there was the ongoing cost to Amazon for storage and distribution. I only tried this once,  and it is likely if I continued to do it, I would have got better at it and it would have become easier, but the cost would probably not have changed significantly and surely there must be an easier way right?

Well there is! 

The word ‘Digital’ is very important when talking about an online business. My first experience of the digital model was when I decided to write a book. It was a book about weight loss and it took me about a week to write. I just wrote it in a word document. I bought a photo online for $5 and got my brother to use it to make me a front cover. I uploaded it to Amazon self publisher, for free, and spent about 30 minutes a day advertising it on Facebook groups. I started earning  $300 a month – for very little effort!   This was so much easier! I did not have to worry about storage because it was an ebook, I did not have to worry about shipping because it all happened online.  I did not have to worry about spending lots of time sorting it out,  it took me week to write the book and then I could sell as many copies as I liked without any extra time involved!  This is sooo much easier right?

By the way, it is still on Amazon, it’s here if you want to take a look..if you’re in the  UK,    if you’re in the USA if you’re in Australia..

It was years ago that I wrote it, I do nothing with it now and still makes me about $20 a month. I know that’s not much, but I am  literally doing nothing!  Plus as you can see, my audience is global, the beauty of the digital model is that you can share and distribute to anywhere in the world for no extra cost!

I started to explore the digital world a bit more and decided to up my game and start making digital products that offered even more value; I decided to make a video course, this could offer much more informative than an ebook, plus it was  just as easy to share and distribute, and I could charge more money than an ebook…..

7 months later… I had my video course, which only lasted about 40 minutes and to be honest it was very amateur! I was working full time at this point, which was part of the reason it took so long,  I was also having to teach myself everything  from scratch,  again very time consuming and I was a bit bummed by the whole thing.

Now, again this is one of those situations that if I continued to do it, I would get better at it, but I was still looking for something easier, are you sensing the theme here? I’m all about maximum return for minimum input!

Step in affiliate marketing.

After more research I decided to get myself a mentor and I found Dean, he had grown his business using the digital product business model and he was using the affiliate marketing model to get his products to market. Meaning people like me could sell his products for a commission. By the way, his products are way more sleek and professional than  my amateur attempt!  And better still I have not had to spend hours making them!

It was doing this that has allowed me to make $1000 in a day that I mentioned in the About Me section, and you can find the rest of my story there too…

So I have finally found the exact model that works for me; a burnt out nurse who wants an easier life. I believe that a digital online business ticks all the boxes for people trying to escape the healthcare profession and trumps the other kinds of startup business.

Now don’t get me wrong, having an online business is not an easy quick fix, something for nothing alternative, you do still have to be committed and like any business, work at it.

BUT it is a lot EASIER than starting from scratch, and  it  can be a lot QUICKER than starting from scratch. And in my experience it is the easiest and quickest way of starting an online business and actually starting to live a better life.  Plus you can do this alongside your nursing role until you’re earning enough money to quit. You don’t even have to quit if you don’t want to. A lot of nurses would just like to be able to work a little bit less, and  you  can use this approach  to supplement your income so you can do this; giving  you the best of both worlds!


If you’re interested in finding out more about Dean and how he’s helped me and how he can help you, check out the book that he’s written that  explains it all in detail and gives you  a step by step guide on how to get started and create your own successful escape route! 

If you’re a bit sceptical and cynical , like I know most nurses are (myself included) then just keep checking in with my blog and my Facebook page from time to time to see how I am getting on. As mentioned in the about me section, I am on a mission to turn my $1000 day into a regular occurance and will be sharing my journey. When you can see this happening, I know you’ll want a piece too! So please do follow along.

Thats it from me. Thank you for taking the time to read and please do get in touch if you  have any questions


5 thoughts on “Nurses: The Benefits Of Having An Online Digital Business…”

  1. wow, impressive…. what made you stop writing books, was it just too much effort for too little return ( $300 a month would be nice!) and what dd you have to do when you say you had a $1000 day? Really interested to hear more of your story.

    1. thanks Tony, the book I did write was kind of an experiment so did not have any long term Author plans, however I am an avid reader and would love to write a full on novel one day, but that will take a lot of time and commitment so it’s in the pipeline until the $1000 are more frequent. The $1000 payday was through doing the affiliate marketing with my mentor that i mentioned in the blog 🙂

    1. Thanks Binny, time is always scarce and because of this even more valuable than money i think! However money makes the world go round and the more money you have the easier it is to find the time. So start an online business like i talked about in the blog post, and then you’ll hopefully be able to have more time to write a book. I definitely have a novel in me waiting to come out!

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