My First Blog Post…

So the title is a little misleading, this is my first blog post for this particular blog, but not my first blog post ever!

As I mentioned in the ‘about me‘ section I have been dabbling in the  Affiliate Marketing world on and off for a little while and have had the amazing experience of making $1000 in a day! It’s hard to put into words just how that feels, but I was definitely very elated when I got the message and said ‘I can’t believe it!’ quite a lot! But it also left me feeling very excited and positive about the future I could create for myself if I just put my mind to it!

If I can make $1000 dollars in one day, from home, with just my computer, and learn how to duplicate that, then I can literally have the life of my dreams. When that becomes a real possibility, it is very very exciting!

I also mentioned my mentor Dean, in the about me section, and last weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in London with  him and about 30 other people, that he is also helping to grow an online affiliate marketing business.

This was one of the most valuable weekends I have ever experienced. I met a couple of people there, who are using Dean’s methods to make a few thousand dollars a month, and also someone (other than Dean) who is making much more. This was so inspiring and exciting;  these were just normal (lovey and down to earth) people, and it made the possibility of financial freedom very real! I know it works as I have made money, but these people were doing it consistently, over and over again.

Who does not want to learn about that??

One of the most valuable moments of the weekend for me was when Dean was talking about an online  business venture in the world of makeup. He said the business had been doing just ‘ok’,  but because it was trying to reach such a large and varied market, it was not doing as well as it could.  After some thought, the business owners decided to just focus their message about makeup specifically  for people who had problem skin.  They had experience with the difficulties of problem skin in relation to makeup, so by using their experience they could reach people that really resonated with their message and who experienced the same difficulties. Over the next few weeks, their business skyrocketed and their income more than tripled! That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head! My days of dabbling in affiliate marketing had been wasted, as I was trying to speak to anyone and everyone! 

Well that has all changed now; for more than half of my life I have been a nurse and worked in the healthcare profession, I know the struggles, the pain points, I know the challenges and I know a lot of us are fed up and frazzled! It does not matter what country you’re in, I know nurses and health care professionals all over the world, and the struggles are all the same!

So that’s why my message is to you guys, the nurses, the health care professionals, the overworked and underpaid! You! The nurse who wants a way out!

This blog is for you, watch my journey to how I am going to make one payday of $1000, in to many, over and over again. Watch, learn, copy!

HOW am I doing this? Well i’m following the simple steps set out in Dean’s’ new book ‘The Iceberg Effect’

If you want to find out more or get a copy  click here!

I am going to be learning how to use the internet to create the life of my dreams, and i’m going to share it all with you. It does not matter if your have no experience, you can still start now. I had no experincine when I started, I’m still not very experienced but I made $1000 in a day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog post and it’s given you that little spark of excitement and hope. 

Watch this space for my next update



16 thoughts on “My First Blog Post…”

  1. Vic this is a super post and truly inspirational.

    Nurses don’t get the credit they deserve so I take my hat off to you and all the other health care professionals that do amazing things everyday.

    I’ve enjoyed reading this post more then many other post because it is so personal and specific to what your doing everyday.

    Iam looking forward to your journey.

    Iam one of the people that had got the book you mentioned and I highly recommend others to get from the links in this blog. Thanks again for the guidance

    Speak soon


  2. Brilliant post Vic, an absolute pleasure to meet you last weekend. I’ve just read through your about me page too and I have to say you’re an inspiration to us all.
    I look forward to watching you grow in this business venture and wish you all the luck in the world.
    See you at the next event?

  3. Wow Vic! What an AWESOME “About me” section and blog! Your story is amazing and soo inspiring! I worked as an auxiliary nurse as they were called back in the 90´s and as a care assistant for a while so I have an idea of how challenging being a health care professional can be, although I would not compare myself to your dedication or particularly working as a mental health nurse. I tried to be a mental health nurse but as I don´t have GCSE maths Herts Uni said no 😀
    I´m truly in awe of you and health care professionals like you and I take my hat off to you and you deserve a massive THANK YOU for all that you do and have done and I must admit I get so frustrated and fed up with the NHS at the moment, waiting months for appointments, tests being lost, GP´s with no idea how to support patients except by prescribing more drugs with worse side effects than the symptoms they came in with…. but that said, I realise that it is not the staff that are at fault and that more sinister political forces are at play regarding the bigger picture.

    Either way, well done Vic, your writing is splendid and interesting and I´m very impressed and feeling now rather concerned that I am not approaching my blogs from the correct angle after reading yours and others in the group but I hope to learn more and improve as time goes on. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mel, for such a lovely comment, that is such a shame that you were turned down to do mental health nursing; all MH nurses I know are crap at maths anyway! You’ve demonstrated your ability to write from the heart just by commenting on this post, your blog will be amazing too xx

  4. Interesting post Vic, nice to hear of someone actually making money online with their efforts. I look forward to following you and keeping an eye on your future $1k days and the appealing opportunity of affiliate marketing.

  5. Hi Victoria….great post…very interesting. I guess it took some dedication on your part to become a nurse…and certainly to have stuck with it throught the $h**tty incidents so I am sure you have what it takes to succeed. I look forward to hearing more and to find out how you get on

    1. Thanks Tony, you’re not wrong! There are a lot of transferable skills that I take from nursing and use in creating my business…. I feel another blog post coming on!

  6. Hey Vic,

    Just popping by to see what you’ve been up to… I am impressed!!

    So excited to see this come together and begin… You’re going to do amazing, I can feel it 🙂


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