Making $1000 Paydays A Regular Occurance….

Happy Monday! My last few blog posts have been about how and why starting an internet based business is a great way for nurses  to make a second income, or even replace their income altogether. I am targeting nurses, becuase I am one, but in all honesty, it applies to anyone interested in finding a new (and easier) way to make money.

So if you’ve read my about me page, you’ll know that I have started an Affiliate Marketing business and have had the rather amazing experience of makeing $1000 in a day! Today I am going to lay out my plan of what I am going to be doing to make this happen on a much more regular basis, so that I can be totally self employed and give up work all together. That’s my goal, yours might be the same, or you  might just want to earn enough money so you can work less hours. Either way, stick with me and we can achieve our goals together.

The process to making this work is actually a lot less complicated than you  might think. The hardest part is probably getting everything set up; your blog or website, your funnel and autoresponder.  However, it’s not impossible, I am not particulaurly computer savvy and I’ve managed to do it without too much swearing involved! Plus the beauty of this is once it’s done, it’s done!

(If you have no idea what any of this is, dont worry! Get in touch and will help as best I can).

I’m set and ready to go, so what I need to do now is focus on how I am going to get customers, otherwise known as my traffic methods. I have picked my free method;  which is a combination of my (this) blog and my Facebook page.

And I am  also going to pick one paid method, which I have not decided on yet, its either going to be Facebook or Youtube. Paid traffic is hold for a while as I am not working as much as I was pre Covid19, so my wages have taken a bit of a hit. However I did volunteer to go back and work for the NHS and I am due to start working as part of the Covid19 tracing team in the next week or 2, so money more will be coming in again, which  will be spent on paid ads. There is some kind of irony here about relying on paid work in a pandemeic to pay for ads so you can ‘pandemic proof’ your income by having an internet business..see this blog post for a better insight!

I am  basically going to be focusing all my attention on traffic;  I am going to blog on a weekly basis and I am going to make little video updates, and post them on my Facebook page.

The vidoes and the blogs are going to be about what i’m doing, what’s working and what’s not, plus of course the most important bit; my progress and the move towards more regular $1000 pay days!  Plus I post a monthly planner in my Facebook page, outlining what i’ve achieved and what my next steps are. I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now, and it really helps to keep me on track.

I am also going to get all nerdy and  track everything I am doing so I can see for myself where I am growing and improving and I am going to share all of this with you. The reason I am going to do this is that so you can A; see it works and B;  hopfully to motivate you to  do the same.

That’s it for now, please come and check out my facebook page too, and like it, and share it with your nursing friends or anyone who wants to start their own online business.


Bye for now…


2 thoughts on “Making $1000 Paydays A Regular Occurance….”

  1. Hi Vic, I really enjoyed reading your post. I’m full of respect for nurses, especially in the current circs, but can totally understand that working conditions can be quite testy, not to mention the notoriously low salaries we pay our nurses, shame on us.

    $1000 in one day! That’s awesome, and total confirmation that this business model WORKS!! Here’s to many more to follow for you.

    All the best, Debs

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