Here’s What You Need To Get Started With An Online Business…..

In todays blog, I am going to set out the basic requirements you will need,  so that you can started with your online business. Don’t worry if you dont feel like you’re very computer savvy; most things are actually quite simple, and the recomendations I am going to give you, all have amazing support facilities that I have always found really helpful.

First of all you need your website of blog.  Whether or not to start with a free website is up to you, the benefit of a free website is  that (obviously) that it’s free,  however in my opinion this is where the benefits end. is one of the most common free websites available, but the rules are strict about what you can and cannot do on the site. Unfortunately, monetizing it is actually very difficult and considereing this is the whole point of doing it, hopfully can see why it’s not something I would recommend. Other downsides of free websites are that you never really own them, or your content that you put on them. You could potentially find yourself in the situation where you have invested a lot of time and research to get your site up and running, only to find it has been shut down and all your work gone.

A free site is OK when you’re learning about how it all works, but if you are taking your business seriously, you will have to invest a bit of money to so that you have more freedom and security.

This is done by buying  your own domain name and connecting it to a website platform and having it hosted. This does not have to be expensive and the advantages far outweigh the cost; it’s your own website, you can monetize it however you want, and you know it will be there as long as you want it to be.

So I use a wordpress site, but it is, rather than The key difference between and is that later allows you to arrange your own hosting. This is somthing you want to be incharge of.

You will also need 2 other types of software; auto-responder and page builder. The page builder software is so that you can create a website page on which to place your offers. So for example, I have created an offer for a free report about the 5 most effective ways for nurses to start an online business. If you click the link for that,  you will be taken to my offer page. Take a look……I created it all by myself using my page builder software!

The auto-responder software is the mechanisim by which people can get access to your offer. So if you take my offer page that I just mentioned, for example,  when someone fills in the form with their email address, the autoresponder will register this and then automatically send out the free report to said email address.  The beauty of this is that once everything is set up, it all works automatically, leaving you time work on other areas of you business.

Now everything I have mentioned above is essential to have to get your business up and running,and just to be clear they all have a cost attached to them. You have to invest a little in you business and in yourself to be successful.

These are my recommendations and what I use, with a little  money saving tip at the end 🙂

All of these services are ongoing costs.

Now I am in the process of changing and moving from these providers to a platform called Builderall.

Builderall is amazing in that it’s one piece of software that does all of these things, and so much more. Plus they are continuing to work on and adding new features all the time.

This makes much more sense and this would be my number one recommendation as it saves you money and makes life a lot easier. Plus their live chat support are really good. For the technically challenged, and I include myself in that, they are a real godsend!

They have  different options for different prices, so its definitely worth taking a look

You can find out more about them here

Once you start getting up and running, it is really important to be able to track your progress by tracking the links to you content and products. I have found some really cool link tracking software that is free. There are also options to upgrade, even then the cost is still really low compared to a lot of other tracking software. I am just using the free version for now and its working fine.

Check it out here

Well I think that is enough information for one blog post!  

It is important to be aware of this information before you decide to get stuck into starting your own business. It would be unrealistic to think you didnt have to make any investment. However  these investements are not huge, and you can usally cover the costs of them quite quickly when you start putting them all to work.

I hope you have found this information helpful, if you have got any questions, just ask I will help you if I can! Dont forget to check out my Facebook page for video updates on how my business is coming along, and if you want to follow in my steps then get your hands on this free book (just cover shipping costs) which sets everthing out in simple steps. These are the steps I am following and can vouch that they work!


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