As A Nurse You Already Have The Skills To Start Your Own Online Business 

In this blog post I am going go share with you all the skills that you already possess, that are required to start an  online business and escape the health profession.  Read on to find out why being a nurse or health care professional actually  puts you at a massive overall advantage and will make your journey to starting  your own online business much easier compared to many others!

I know the thought of leaving the healthcare profession is a scary one, especially if like me you’ve been doing it for your entire working life and more than half of your overall life! Have you had that little voice in your head tell you, ‘i’m a nurse, it’s all I know’ or ‘there is no way I could do anything else’?

Well i’m here to tell you that  being a nurse or healthcare professional actually gives you a unique set of skills that will make the move from nursing to online business owner very smooth!

Sceptical….? Then read on.

Communication, Teaching and Relationship Building  Skills

As a nurse we have to learn to communicate with a variety of different people;  from patients and their families to colleagues, consultants and management. Plus we communicte in a variety of situations, whether it’s whilst doing the medication round,  at handover, the multidisciplinary team meeting, or in crisis or emergency situations; we fine tune and adapt  our communication skills to the situation in hand. We do it without even thinking about it, it just come naturally to us. 

Whether or not you’re in an official role as student mentor or teaching practitioner,  teaching and imparting knowledge is part of your role as a nurse and good communicator.  Whether its teaching a patient how to take their medication,  change a dressing or utilise their coping strategies, or taking a student or new starter under your wing, you automatically rely on your communication and teaching skills to achieve these tasks.

And it’s exactly the same when starting and growing your own online business.  You will be communicating and teaching others about what you do, what your business does and how this is relevant to them. Exactly like I am doing now. One of the fundamental actions in creating and starting your own online business is to get your message to your customers. To build a relationship with them, which is based on the ethos of ‘know, like and trust’. This is how you create a successful online business and it is as simple as using your communication, teaching and relationship building skills!

Multitasking and Organisational skills

Multitasking is again one of those things that just comes naturally; usually the only way you can get through a shift is by juggling various different duties. Whilst this can be true in the online business world, it is certainly not as pressured and to be honest, with  an online business;  it’s not necessary.  In my experience, whilst there are a few different elements to running an online business, they do not all need to be done at the same time. They do need to be done in unity with  each other, but that is where the organisational skills come in. More in that in a sec. 

If your motivation to escape the healthcare profession is because you have a family or other commitments outside of work, then your online business may become one aspect of multitasking in your overall day to day to life, and because you have a nursing background, that will be water of a duck’s back!

Being organized (in my opinion a prerequisite to being able to successfully multitask) is a skill that is valuable in all areas of life and nursing and business are no different.  In nursing you have to manage your time, your staff, your patients, and even the consultants some times, and this all takes organisational skills. Often you can not complete one task until another is done or something can only happen once certain other criteria has been met.  And this is exactly the same with running your own business, with the only difference being the actual tasks themselves. Younneed to manage the time you have to dedicate to your business, manage your content strategies, and your marketing and traffic strategies. Now don’t panic about this, it sounds more complicated than it actually. It might surprise you to know that are basically only 4 core tasks you  need to focus on when creating a successful online business. More about that in another blog. Think about all the things you  have to juggle in your role as a nurse  vs 4 core tasks….you can understand now why I said the business side of things is a lot less pressured, right?!

Problem solving

A daily occurance in nursing! Not enough beds, not enough staff, not enough time, difficult patients, difficult staff, someone’s gone home with the drug keys…I could go on but I think you get the picture!  When I was a student nurse, on the ward I eventually worked on when I qualified, I answered the phone to one of our patients, who had left the ward and just called to say she was somewhere (refused to tell me where) and had taken an overdose and drank a bottle of vodka and it was nice knowing you! Yikes! That was a situation and half! But I managed it, I  got staff that knew her well to go and look for her and her known hangouts and I got someone else to call the on call SHO to come to review her all whilst keeping her talking on the phone. She was found well and brought back to the ward. That  was potentially  a really serious situation and was definitely a really stressful one!  However I overcame and  I used all the skills i’ve just mentioned.  In the online business world the most stressful problem solving scenarios you’re likely  to have will usually be technology related; your blog page is not displaying as it should be or your laptop is doing something frustrating and illogical. Sometimes it might be a bit more serious like your ad campaign has been declined, or you have an unhappy customer. Whatever it is, A) it will very unlikely be as serious or stressful as some your nursing encounters have been and B) you’ve got the skills to get around whatever it is.  Plus the online community is generally very accommodating and you can ask for help.

There are lots of other skills we have developed as healthcare professionals including the ability to function and work on no sleep, de escalation  techniques and being  able to locate the latest infection control or manual handling policy.  I am overjoyed to tell you that you  that you will not be required to utilise any of these skills,  when it come to having your own online business!

I really hope you can see how it is possible to make a change and create a business that allows you the time and freedom that nursing does not, and that you are already suitably qualified to get started. All the experience you already have will be invaluable when it comes to starting your own online business.

I have written a free report; ‘The 5 most effective ways for nurses to start an online business’. You can have it sent straight to your inbox, just click here. I also include all the pros and cons of each and give my #1 recomendation. If you just want to skip straight to that keep reading!

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If you’re still a bit unsure and or sceptical, that is totally fine, keep an eye on my blog and my facebook page, get to know me a bit and watch how I am making the transition from healthcare to full time business owner.

Thanks for reading and bye for now





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