About Me

Hi I’m Vic and I am nurse. I’ve been qualified as a mental health nurse since 2003 and prior to that I worked as a health care assistant, so I have been in the healthcare profession for 20+ years. I have had the ‘pleasure’ of working in a variety of different areas in this time, including forensic psychiatry, rehabilitation, acute psychiatry, elderly care and nursing homes, learning disabilities, aggressive and challenging behaviour, drug and alcohol addiction, brain injury, health visiting and disability assessing to name a few!

So I’ve got a pretty good idea about what it’s like! I can’t actually find any photos of me at work; there are plenty of me on work nights out, but they are probably not appropriate for this kind of blog; we work hard and we play hard too, right?!

So here’s one of me on graduation day November 2003

There is part of me that is very proud to be a nurse; most people say  ‘I could never do that’ when I tell them i’m a nurse and they seem really impressed and in awe about  what I do. This is obviously a good feeling and I do genuinely love helping people and get a lot of pleasure from supporting people who are struggling to make positive changes to their lives…..

…BUT (you knew it was coming!) it’s also sooo  very hard! The hours are long and anti-social, i’ve had to miss out on so many fun occasions because I had to work or couldn’t leave on time, and trying to make plans for future events is always complicated by waiting for the bloody work rosta to be done! 

All humour aside though, the work itself can be very challenging; I’ve not only been threatened but actually physically and verbally abused on several occasions, by patients and also their family members. I’ve seen people’s lives ripped apart by illness, i’ve watched people literally take their last breath and die and worked with patients who have gone on to commit suicide. I think it is fair to say that nursing can be nothing short of traumatic and harrowing. A lack of funding and resources just compounds the problem; in some jobs I have been  scared to go to work because I fear for my own safety as I know we don’t have enough staff to deal with the issues on the ward, or I can see people are not getting the help or care they need and deserve because money or services are just not available.

This has all ultimately left me feeling worthless and sometimes incompetent and has affected my own  physical and mental health. The  level of  support I have received for these traumatic experiences and just day to day life on the wards, has been mostly non existent.  I feel like I am just expected to get on with it because it’s ‘part of the job’. There have been times when  I have not been able to drive home after a horrendous night shift because I just can’t stop crying,  i’ve locked myself in the toilet  to avoid a being hit by a patient and his walking stick. I have just had to pull myself together and get on with it because that is what I am paid to do.

Never a pat on the back from those up above to say ‘well done’ or even a simple ‘how are you coping?’ No, you only here from them,  when you haven’t done something, or you’ve done something  wrong or targets have not been met or someone has made a complaint….yep all the negative stuff.

And don’t even get me started on pay! Just refer to the above picture, it sums it up perfectly!

This is not a ‘poor me’ sob fest, but there is only so much a person can take! So whilst nursing is a comendible profession, I know I am not alone when I say I am feeling fed up, undervalued and looking for a way out! There must be an easier, safer and more pleasant way to earn a living…

And that my friend, is what this blog is all about! And if you’re still reading, I imagine you can resonate with my experiences and situation.  Well I have some good news for you…. 

I have found that way!  There is an alternative path to making money, that does not involve coming into contact with any bodily fluids, or being made to feel like sh*t for trying to help, or working when everyone else is having fun or watching their kids in the school play.   I have chosen that path  and my blog is dedicated to sharing and documenting my journey to a more peaceful and stress free life, so you can do it too!


I have tried a lot of ways to escape the healthcare profession, including network marketing and selling on Amazon, and I have written a report about the pros and cons of them. You  can get a copy of that here if you’d like; It’s totally Free!  They are online based businesses and there are so many benefits to an online business (which I will discuss in an alternative blog post).  However the approach I have found to be the most successful, for me, is affiliate marketing. I have got myself a mentor,  Dean, who has trodden this path and made a huge success of his Affiliate Marketing  business . (This is his now his primary source of income and he earns more money in one year than a nurse could in at least 5!) He has shown me the mistakes he made, so that I can avoid them.  I have been dabbling about with it on and off for a little while now and even made $1000 in one  day, so I know it works!  

Now it’s time to get serious and stop dabbling.  I’m done with bodily fluids, being abused and unappreciated! This blog is about my journey to making these $1000 days a regular occurance so I can escape health care for good!

If you want to find out more about how Dean is helping me to grow my online business you can here.

Alternatively take a look at my blog or free report and get to know me a bit first! Whatever works for you. Get in touch if you  have any questions.

That just leaves me to say, welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read it. I would love to hear your nursing stories and what is motivating you to find an alternative path in life, please do get in touch or leave a comment. 

I am really looking forward to sharing my success stories and hearing about yours!

By for now